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Traveling hacks for your jewelry

How to Store Fashion Jewelry While Traveling?

There is no point of buying elegant fashion jewelry for yourself when you cannot take care of your jewelry in an appropriate manner. You will find hundreds of blogs on the internet, which talks about the fascinating jewelry designs, contemporary jewelry trends and how women should be choosing different jewelry items based on the design, durability and price. However, you won’t get to see people talking about how they should be taking care of their jewelry items when they are travelling. Only accurate jewelry items will look perfect with the right outfit and accessories. If you’re wearing an imperfect jewelry item, you’ll lose your charm no matter how expensive or innovative design it had before you mess it up due to your careless behavior.

In order to guide you as to how you can store your fashion jewelry items when you’re travelling, here are a few tips you need to consider. These tips will help your jewelry items to last longer and they’ll keep their charm to make you the star of every evening in public gatherings and other such communal events:

Using Pill Case

This is the ultimate method of keeping your jewelry items away from scratching, tangling and losing their color. It is particularly used when you’re travelling with jewelry items as it’s small to manage and pretty organized to keep the jewelry items. Moreover, it can also be your best place to keep your accessories.

Travelling Towel

No, you don’t need to buy a special towel to keep your jewelry items when you’re travelling. You can also use your small home towel in and use it as a jewelry roll to keep your jewelry items

How to Prevent Your Jewelry from Losing Color?

There are different kinds of techniques used in order to prevent jewelry items from losing colors.

Don’t Spray Perfume Directly

We sometimes sued different kinds of perfumes or sprays to clean our jewelry without any precautionary measures. Yes, there can be a few perfumes which can be used for cleaning purposes. However, you should not spray directly on your jewelry items as its increased concentration can make your jewelry items lose their natural color.

Don’t Wear in the Water

You should not be wearing any of your jewelry items in the water. For instance, if you’re enjoying a rainy day or swimming, you should not be wearing any jewelry items as water is rusty and can damage color of your jewelry items. Also you need to keep all of your jewelry items dry surface resistance or tangling. If you have several little plastic bags, you can put them in zip lock bag for travelling.


Now that you’ve got an easy trick up your sleeve, you can enjoy traveling safely with your statement jewelry.



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