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Summer time make up trends


Well beauties, here are some make up trends of summer 2016 according to maraclaire magazine. This look is called the negative space liner. It is a simple, chic look very light for summertime. Color lashes are in fashion this summer ladies. What do you guys think? This look is "Non-touring". It still gives you a nice glowing look without all the heavy contouring. Lip oils are a fashion must this summer. It gives us ladies a nice shine on those lips. This look is called sandbagging. It gives the face a nice smooth finish. What are your favorite loose powders? Images credit: www.marieclaire.com   Here are some other beautiful looks for this summer. Photo credit: www.stylewu.com...

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Top 5 Must Follow Instagram Accounts of the Week


We love following this beauty not only for her make up looks, but her sexy style. Amrezy knows how to rock eye catching outfits day and night.   We love following Marianna's style because this high fashion beauty knows how to travel in fashion. This gorgeous fashionista knows how rock every style and look sexy doing it. Janice's luxurious style includes our favorite colors of black, white and nude. Micah's has her powerful signature pose only she can rock. Her style is feminine and chic and definitely edgy....

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Meet and Greet


                           21 HM girls had the pleasure of working with the beautiful @makeupbyevon. Evon had the pleasure of meeting some of her fans here in Los Angeles. After that Evon had a photoshoot with some of our gorgeous pieces. She was a lot of fun. We had a great time. She is stunning and very nice inside and out.                                            Photographer: @warriorandthegypsy Dress: @kamalbeverlyhills                               ...

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Trina’s Kids Foundation


                                            On December 10th, 2015, 21 HM owners sponsored a red carpet event hosted by Trina’s Kids Foundation. The event took place at Hubble Studios. The venue was absolutely stunning with beautiful lighting. They served us little appetizers and of course we enjoyed some drinks. There were many important bloggers, make up gurus, designers, etc.. We had the pleasure of meeting a few. Among them were @lustrelux, @desiperkins, @chrisspy, @makeupshayla, and of course the handsome @nick_bateman. I was very excited to meet everyone especially Nick because he is one that I have wanted to meet for a long time. It was like a dream come true for me. We were also happy to meet @styledbyhrush, who put together this amazing event. The highlight of the event was the fashion show, which...

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Helping others


                       We were put in this world as a helping hand for others. Sometimes we do things expecting something in return and when don’t get it, we get frustrated and stop doing it. But if we are doing it to get something out of it, then we are doing it for the wrong reasons. The outcomes are much more rewarding than anything. If people cannot appreciate what you do for them, do it anyways because it says a lot about them. We cant save the world but we can try to help as many people as we can. I’m not saying play a superhero, out to save the world. Even the simplest task can mean so much to someone and their blessing is all you need. We sometimes underestimate the power of a smile, or holding the door for someone, or even...

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Setting Goals


Many of us set goals in our lives then we set to accomplish those goals. And yes sometimes it’s one failure after the other. We hit brick walls. Sometimes we feel like we need to give up and that there isn’t much more we can do. But we have to give that goal one more push. If it means so much to us, we have to fight to the end, with hard work and dedication, we can do anything we set to do. It’s ok to feel discouraged, successful people don’t become successful overnight. We often times don’t see their struggles behind closed doors, we only see what they’ve accomplished, only they know how many brick walls they’ve hit, how many sleepless nights they’ve had or all the stress that’s kept them up thinking at night. So no matter what, keep pushing forward. Every single day of our lives presents some...

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